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Vegan for the Animals, Vegan for the Aesthetic.

​​Gone are the days when style meant sacrifice — choosing between looking your best and staying true to your values. Today you can have it all — with healthy, high performance products that help you look fabulous — while still protecting animals, people, and the planet.


Lovely + Lush is a fun, fashion-forward show and community that embraces the vegan lifestyle and Well-thy living: prioritizing your health and wellness so you can rock a rich and fulfilling life. Our passion is creating meaningful programming to inspire you.


We curate the best of the best conscious vegan products and expert advice. Want to throw an elegant wine and cheese party or get your Om on in the latest athleisure? Whether you're hitting the town in some sexy stilettos or staying in for some DIY self-care, we've got you covered.

​​​We're so excited for this opportunity to do what we love! 


Providing entertaining original content with trusted information that helps women live their best lives, vegan and cruelty-free without compromise.


Vanessa Rae

Vegan 20+ years

Experienced Content Creator 

A lot has changed since I first became a vegan, more than 20 years ago!!!

Back then I was working my dream job for MTV's House of Style. Fashion was my everything. And then, I became vegan. I continued to feel more and more disconnected from a fashion industry that often exploited animals, people, and the planet for profit. 

There wasn't a lot of prepared vegan food I could find in stores that didn't taste like cardboard and the shoe scene was pretty abysmal, so I had to do a lot of searching to find products that matched my taste. Also, I didn't know any other vegans which was extremely isolating. 

Fast forward to now and veganism has EXPLODED! We're in a really exciting time with so many wonderful vegan, eco-friendly products and more coming onto the scene every day. Let's call it the Vegan Renaissance.


That's why I wanted to start Lovely + Lush. 

You're probably really busy, right?  Well I'm already spending A LOT of time sorting through all the new vegan and sustainable products to find my favorites. Let me curate them for you. You'll also hear from my network of experts, excited to share their amazing advice and experiences.  

I’m ecstatic about combining my experience creating content for places like, MTV News, VH1, E!, and a bunch of fashion TV shows, with my love for discovering the best in conscious vegan living.


We're creating the headquarters for a luxe vegan lifestyle. A place to connect a community of like minded women who are passionate about preserving the planet and protecting all the beings who inhabit it, while still keeping up with our self-care and the latest trends. Why shouldn't we look and feel amazing too? 

Come join team LoLa (for all the Lovely Ladies) by adding us on social media and getting on our mailing list.  

Whether you're vegan, vegan curious, plant-based, or just want to lead a more compassionate, sustainable, wellness-oriented lifestyle, you've come to the right place.


I hope you enjoy Lovely + Lush as much as I enjoy creating it! 




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